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Logo Weingut Schropp

Winery Schropp –
Erlenbach-Binswangen – Württemberg

Keep tradition – go ahead with new things! This is our motto . Based on traditional methods I look for new ways how to produce best possible wine for each vintage. For me, each step is important in this process. Natural and sustained cultivation, craftsmanship in the vinification and careful ageing in classic wooden barrels or stainless steel tank – a good wine is the product of a complex process with loving care. I am convinced that you can taste this love.

The winery Schropp is run by the third generation. From the very beginning, my father’s emphasis was on wine production and he made me acquainted with winemakers craft from my early age. I took over in 1992 and I specialized our wine company exclusively in viticulture.

Our farm and the vineyards are located in Erlenbach-Binswangen. As a typical wine town in Heilbronn country, it is well known for its hospitable „Besenwirtschaften“. You are welcome to visit our own Schroppbesen and to convince yourself by our wines with regional specialities. Native and at the same time ambitious . Traditional and with joy of the new.

Ihr Martin Schropp

Winzer Martin SchroppWeinberg Kayberg

Weber bio estate –  Roseldorf, Weinviertel
About sunny hills, fertile soil and physical laws.

logo bioweingut weber

Our winery is located in Roseldorf, in the western wine district, the so called Weinviertel.

Schlossberg, Sandberg, Mitterberg, Hiessbeet und Berg are our areas where we produce our wine according to strict organic guidelines – and that since the year 2000.

Our main focus is on the typical regional varieties Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Zweigelt and Blauer Portugieser.

In the wine cellar we work as gently as possible. For this we renounce the use of pumps and benefit from the natural gravity instead. Because of targeted grape must processing and fermentation the use of sulphur can be reduced to a minimum.

The result is award-winning, digestible wine with pronounced, territory based stylistics year after year.

The nature is our livelihood. For us it is a top priority to keep the ecosystem vineyard in its natural balance. Only a healthy soil guarantees first-class wine.

For plant protection and pest control, we rely on natural methods. Special plants and beneficial insects help us to maintain soil fertility and to economize in harmony with nature. Nature is our most valuable property.

Andreas Weber

Weber-SuitenWeber Andreas mit Frau


Thomas Niedermayr estate
– Hof Gandberg Südtirol

People who are passionate and convinced about taking new roads and letting the grapes be, simply, wine.
The Thomas Niedermayr family estate, surrounded by an idyllic landscape and the mixed woodlands of the „Iceholes“, in the southernmost part of the Schulthaus area, has been managed for over 20 years following the strictest organic farming criteria. The sensitive farming and processing of the grapes produces precious, harmonious wines, strong and elegant, with an intense taste. Next to the 2ha of vineyards the organic practices extend to an orchard, a vegetable garden and the farm animals.

Thomas Niedermayr

Thomas NiedermayrNiedermayr Weingarten

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