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Dry, sprightly and very British…

Premium sparkling wine on the other side of the Channel France does vigilantly observe them. The Royal House and Downing Street belong to their customers. They receive more and more applause during the international tastings. There are not that many … Weiterlesen

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That is why clever people could not live without wine…

Milos Michlovsky talks about the wine region Czechia, his love for the vine and „Deep-rooted Terroir”… With its comparatively small wine-growing area of ca. 18,500 square metres, wine region Czechia is located in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the crystalline and sharply … Weiterlesen

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Passion, Patchwork & PIWIs….

Poland’s come back as a winegrowing nation and a talk about wine as family ties Poland & wine – of course, this word pair is not very common when associating with our neighboring country, well known for its adorable cities … Weiterlesen

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